Dear Matt:

We want to thank you for the professionalism of you and your family/team in all aspects of our transaction including collecting, transporting, - particularly disassembly of the lift - cataloguing, displaying, and auctioning the many items of D'Antuono personal property. As you know, sending these items to auction was a particularly difficult decision to make, and your understanding and the manner in which you completed the job is appreciated! Thank you!

Matt & Family,

Just want to thank you for the blessing you all have been to us this past year. We appreciated all of your & your workers efforts and hard work. It made a somewhat difficult task much more manageable! Thank you!

Dear Mel & Matt,

Just a quick note to thank you for your professional handling of our auction, and for the individual attention you gave us. We were extremely pleased with you and your company, and would not hesitate for a moment to use your services again, and/or to recommend you to others!!!

Thank you!

I received my check from the auction held on April 25th. It was for more than I had anticipated, and so I was pleasantly surprised. My experience was definitely a positive experience, and I would highly recommend Mel Manasse & Son Auctioneers!

Just want to thank you for the blessing you all have been to us this past year. We appreciate all your efforts and hard work and your workers. Its made a somewhat difficult task more manageable.

Thank you for your professional handling of our auction and the individual attention you gave us. We were extremely pleased with you and your company. We wouldn't hesitate for a moment to use your service again and or to recommend you to others!

My experience was definitely a positive experience and I would recommend you highly. 

Matt and his staff were great to deal with. Reasonable and honest terms and our equipment did MUCH better than we ever expected it to. Bought a school bus at the same auction and they were as equally helpful as a buyer too! Thanks to all.

Professional auctioneers, responsible and very good friendly people!
In my experience, excellent company!

Honest hard working team, will do the most in advertising and promotion to make a sale work. Have had them sell 16 parcels of real estate and have bought several items. Great family operation.

Thank you for making the closing of our business a relief and satisfying experience.

You conduct your business in a smooth and professional way. You will come highly recommended.

Manasse Auctioneers,

Thank you for being there for us! Your professionalism was welcomed.

Mel, Matt and the Manasse team,

I just wanted to send a note to thank all of you for the wonderful job you did selling my father’s equipment. Dad, Ron Flanders, has worked his whole life to build his business and selling it all off was a very difficult process for him.

You all have treated my father and family with the utmost respect and courtesy. Dad was trilled and relieved with the outcome of the auction.

Thank you so much for working so hard to get the best prices for Dad’s equipment. It made the retirement process much easier for him AND all of us!

With much Gratitude!

Christin Flanders-Wetzel

Re: Cornell University Solar House Auction

Dear Mel,

Just a brief note to say thanks for the fine job you and your company did with regard to the auction of Cornell’s Solar Decathalon House. By selling it in this manner, I think we received the best price possible. The event was exciting and was an additional means of advertisement for this important project. Your professionalism, techniques to continue the bidding when it stalled, and levity were quite a show!

Thanks again. The University will continue to use your services.


Thomas P. LiVigne, SLCR
Operations Manager

Dear Mr. Manasse:

Good News! …..

In addition…, I wanted to pass along to you the great respect our office has for your firm’s service. Hopefully there will be an opportunity in the future for you to reach into your file cabinet and pull this letter out and present it as a letter of the highest recommendation I could possibly have to an outside professional for the work that you and your firm performed in connection with these auctions. In the nearly thirty years that I have been practicing law, I have been to dozens of auctions, both voluntary and involuntary. In that period of time, I have seen all levels of quality or lack there of by various auctioneers. In my nearly thirty years I have never encountered an organization that has the professionalism, expertise and willingness to get the job done which your firm exhibited in this entire matter.

As you well know, this was a difficult auction involving a variety of parcels of varying character. Your efforts maximize the return for the creditors much to there benefit and therefore, you can consider your fees as not only well earned, but well deserved. Again my highest regards to you for your expertise. I know that Michael would join me in endorsing these sentiments.

Thank you very much for your assistance in this matters.

Very truly yours,
By: James T. Towne, Jr.

Hi Matt,

I want to take a minute to thank you for the time and efforts you and your family put into auctioning Ron’s tools and equipment. The attentiveness to your giving Ron the dignity and respect that you did during the entire process has made his adjustment to retiring a process that has allowed him to accept the changes in his life and feel good about himself and the years he put into his business.

Although there were thousands of people in the crowds surrounding the auctions items on Saturday each and every kind comment given by your team prior to Ron’s items being auctioned was heard and so appreciated by our family and Ron.

We had all worried how Ron would handle watching the items he had worked so hard for for so many years to build his business be auctioned. It didn’t take long to see the respect which you all gave to Ron during the process on Saturday make him feel pride in what he had worked so hard for and feel that he is someone in our community who can still be respected. Ron and I, our kids and grand kids left the auction on Saturday with only one regret, that we didn’t have the opportunity to hug and thank you personally for all your kindness and attentiveness.

Matt, it has been so much fun to watch the integrity professional young man that you have become. You, your dad and family are to be greatly admired.

Thank you so much, you have more than helped Ron step confidently into retirement and it is greatly appreciated. We look forward to the opportunity to give you those hugs when we meet the next time.


Roberta Flanders

Dear Mel & Family,

You are an excellent auctioneer. I received your check the day I was leaving. Thanks to your urging everything was wrapped up before I left NY. I thought I had lost your checking in the moving, but I have found and cashed it. I want to thank you very much for handling the auction of my house. When it came down to the most important time, and you slid from 80 to 100,000 without batting an eye or taking a pause, I saw clearly your expertise. After working there so hard for over a year, it was nice to realize a profit. Patty seems very nice. We transferred the utilities without a hitch and she was anxious to close early. She said it was the basement that made her want the house. I will always be grateful to you. Thank you so much.


Terry Morris