Held Onsite @ 80 Frederick St., Binghamton, NY

Thursday                               September 6, 2018                                         1:00PM

(6) Commercial Properties – Selling As One Unit (6)

Highlights Include: City of Binghamton: Former Manufacturing Buildings On 2.2 Acres @ 80 Frederick St.; Former Manufacturing Building On 50’ x 100’ @ 60 Whitney Ave.; 50’ x 100’ Parking Lot @ 43 Montgomery St.; 50’ x 100’ Lot @ 41 Montgomery St.; (2) 50’ x 100’ Commercial Lots @ 39 Montgomery St. & 52 Whitney Ave.; Please Note: All 6 Parcels will be sold as one unit and the successful bidder must start demolition of all structures by December 31, 2018, or title will revert to the County. Buyers will be responsible for cost of Demolition and ANY Environmental Problems Associated With The Properties; Refer To Our Website @ For Full Listing & Details! OIL & Gas RIGHTS CONVEY TO BUYERS WITH ALL THE  PROPERTIES!!!; Open Houses: Friday, August 31, 2018 From 1PM To 2:30PM;

Terms & Conditions Of Auction: Bidder Reg. Is Between 12PM and 1PM Day of Auction, Onsite @ 80 Frederick St., Binghamton.  To Register You Must Have A Photo ID And Must NOT Owe any BC or City Real Property Taxes. A 10% Deposit In Cash Or Good Check Is Required Immediately Following The Auction.  Balance Due Within 30 Days.  Also a 4 ˝% Auctioneer Fee Will Be Added To Each Purchase Price And Must Be Paid Day Of Auction In Cash Or Good Check. Repair & Maintenance Costs apply to certain properties.  These amounts are to be paid in full day of Auction.  Successful Bidders Will Need Several Checks, For Different Pymts. Day Of Auction, For Each Property Purchased.  You Will Receive A Quit Claim Deed For All Properties.  Other Customary County Terms Being Used.  For More Info, Refer To Website @ or Brochures Available @ BC Real Prop. Tax Dept., 2nd Floor, BC Office Bldg., Hawley St., Binghamton, NY.  Tax Maps Are Available For Viewing @ The Tax Dept. All Properties Sold “AS IS” – Properties Must Be Researched PRIOR To Bidding. Announcements Made Day Of Auction Take Precedence Over Printed Material.

Owners – Broome County Real Property Tax Dept.


1) Maps of each parcel are available for viewing in the office of the Broome County Real Property Tax Department, second floor in the County Office Building, 60 Hawley Street, Binghamton, NY, during regular business hours.

The Auction begins promptly at 1:00 PM on Thursday, September 6, 2018 @ 80 Frederick St., Binghamton, NY 13901

2) The auction bidders must register between 12:00Noon and 1:00 PM day of auction.  Bidders will be given a number to be used during the auction. To register to bid, you must present a photo ID.

3) All bid deposits must be made with cash, personal checks or certified funds, day of the auction, and a receipt will be issued. Persons are required to have multiple checks for payment purposes. If paying by personal check or certified funds, please keep this in mind. We recommend potential buyers, paying by check or certified funds, to bring with them a ˝ dozen checks, for each property, in order to pay all monies due on the day of auction, in separate checks.


1) The County of Broome makes no promises or statements of fact about any parcel that is being offered for sale. No employee or agent of the County of Broome has any authority to make any promises or representations of any nature concerning any of these parcels. It is the responsibility of each bidder to investigate any and all aspects of the status of each parcel that he or she may desire to purchase PRIOR TO BIDDING ON THE PARCEL.

2) You are strongly encouraged to go to the property (ies) you are interested in and examine them in person from the sidewalk or street. You are, however, prohibited from trespassing on the property (ies) or entering into the building(s), if applicable. This restriction also applies to the highest bidder on the property until the Quit Claim Deed transferring ownership from the County to the new owner is recorded in the County Clerk’s Office. Broome County will resell any parcels if the successful bidder does not record their deed and pay balance due within 30 days of County notification, and the bidders deposit monies and auctioneers’ fee will be forfeited by the bidder.

3) Maps and tax information are available for each parcel. Tax maps are only representations and may depict a proposed development or road. The County does not guarantee that a development and/or road actually exist, nor does it guarantee the eventual creation of any development and/or road. Tax maps do not represent exact dimensions and are not intended to be used in place of a survey map. Tax maps may not accurately depict the exact location of a property. Bidders are also encouraged to obtain the zoning regulations from the municipality where the property is located.

4) No representation is made as to the condition or validity of title for the parcels to be sold. Abstracts of title and land surveys will not be furnished and is the responsibility of the bidder.

5) It is the responsibility of each prospective purchaser to investigate any and all aspects of the status of each parcel that he or she may desire to purchase.  The County makes no representation as to the condition of the property (ies) concerning environmental problems. Each bidder assumes all responsibility for having previously checked the condition of the property (ies) and the County assumes no responsibility for any environmentally hazardous conditions on the property (ies).  Prior to bidding, the bidder or agent should have conducted any investigations he or she may deem necessary, including, but not limited to:

a. The status of the title and description of the property.

b. The existence of any liens, encumbrances or easements affecting the property. To the best of Broome County’s knowledge all interested parties and lien holds have been notified.

c. The effect, if any, of any local laws, ordinances, or Department of Environmental Conservation regulations and/or other legal restrictions or conditions which may affect the premises, including any of the following:

1. Zoning;

2. Subdivision regulations;

3. Sewerage or the presence of any possible toxic or harmful wastes;

4. Water;

5. Any and all other matters pertaining to public health; together with such other matters as the prospective purchaser or his/her agent deems appropriate.

6) Broome County Real Property Tax Service and Broome County Legislature reserves the right to reject any and all bids received, and/or withdraw any parcel at any time. Sub-Surface gas, oil & mineral rights are conveyed with the properties.

7) Successful bidders will receive a receipt of deposit by the end of the sale. Each purchase must be settled the day of the auction with deposit(s), auctioneer fee(s), and any repair and maintenance cost(s), if applicable. Closing will occur after Legislation is approved by Broome County and within 30 days of County notification.

8) It is the successful bidder’s responsibility to pay the auctioneer 4.5 % above the bid price on the day of the auction.

9) All Broome County properties are sold “as is”. It is the responsibility of the successful bidder to preview properties prior to the auction, and to check zoning and/or building cost, including utility hook-ups, prior to the auction. It is also the responsibility of the successful bidder to have an abstract made on their own. All questions regarding zoning & code enforcement on properties must be answered by the appropriate municipality.


a) If the successful bid is under $500.00 the full amount of the bid must be paid by the end of the auction.

b) Otherwise, the end of the auction requires a deposit of 10% of the bid or the maintenance cost, WHICHEVER IS GREATER.

c) In addition to the bid deposit, the successful bidder will be responsible for an administration fee of $150.00 (per parcel) and recording fee for the deed (s). This is due at closing which will occur after legislation is approved.

d) Certain Properties require maintenance costs. This amount must be paid in full, by the end of the auction. This amount must be paid by cash, personal check or certified check to the appropriate vendor. This amount becomes part of the purchase price, and is not in addition to the purchase price.

e) DEPOSITS AND PAYMENTS must be cash, personal checks or certified funds. Checks are to be made payable to BC Director of OMB for all properties, as well as a check made payable to Mel Manasse & Son, Auctioneers regarding the auctioneer fee.

f) Full payment of bid is required within thirty (30) business days after the County notification, that the deed has been prepared, and ready for pick-up. At this time, the balance must be satisfied by cash or certified funds, and made payable to BC Director of OMB for all properties.

g) Evictions, if necessary, are solely the responsibility of the successful bidder after closing and recording of the deed.


i) No personal property is included in the sale of any of the parcels owned by Broome County. The disposition of any personal property on any parcel sold shall be the sole responsibility of the successful bidder following closing.


The County will issue a Quit Claim Deed consisting of the popular description listed in the auction notice. This information has been obtained from the Real Property Tax Service office inventory file, and is for ease of identification only. A Broome County Employee will assist the purchaser in the recording of their deed. The Deed will be issued after Legislative approval and within 30 days of written notification from Real Property tax Department.


Broome County Real Property Tax Department and/or the Broome County Legislature reserve the right to require that each deed issued will contain a restriction in reference to the prior owner. This restriction shall require an additional payment equal to the accumulated taxes, penalties, and interest due as of the tax foreclosure. It will apply only if the property is sold to the former owner or his/her spouse or children during the seven years following the purchase.


All 6 Parcels will be sold as one unit and the successful bidder must start demolition of all structures by December 31, 2018, or title will revert to the County. Buyers will be responsible for cost of Demolition and ANY Environmental Problems Associated With The Properties;


The purchaser may not take possession of the premises until the deed has been recorded.  Possession of the parcel (s) may be subject to the occupancy of previous owner (s) and/or tenant (s). It shall be the responsibility of the purchaser to obtain possession and/or evictions of former occupants.


Anyone is eligible to bid except for Broome County employees where a conflict of interest exists; persons who have defaulted on a payment plan for back taxes; and/or anyone who owes delinquent taxes. Including, but not limited to, former owner (s) and their spouse on the parcel of land being auctioned for tax sale.

Successful bids submitted by any public officer or employee of the County will be reviewed by Broome County Real Property Tax Department and/or the Broome County Legislature, to ensure no conflict of interest exists. Acceptance or rejection of the bid will be based on this review.


All Successful bidders will be responsible for paying the 2018/2019 School tax payment and The January 2019 City/County/Town Taxes and any taxes thereafter regardless of when the closing occurs.  Successful bidders will not be allowed to enter into a delinquent tax payment agreement on auction property for four (4) years after the closing date.



Notice is hereby given that certain parcels listed below, acquired by the County of Broome, pursuant to Article 11, Title 3, of the Real Property Tax Law of the State of New York, will be sold by public auction. Such auction will be held Thursday, September 6, 2018 @ 1:00 PM at the aforementioned location.

Registration will start at 12:00 Noon the day of the Auction and the Auction will start at 1:00 PM. Broome County Real Property reserves the right to remove any parcel at any time up to the day of the Sale.

If bid is $500 or less, the full amount is required the day of the auction. If the bid is over $500, either 10% of the bid or maintenance costs, whichever, is greater is required the day of the auction.  An Auctioneer’s fee of 4.5 percent is payable in full, separate from any other monies the day of the auction, and is in addition to the sale price of the parcel payable to Mel Manasse & Son Auctioneers.  For certain properties, maintenance and repair costs may apply and are payable in full separate from any other monies, directly to the maintenance vendor the day of the auction.

PLEASE NOTE: Please come prepared. Successful bidders will be required to present several checks for different payments for each property purchased.

The successful bidder will be notified by the Department of Real Property Tax Service that within 30 days all remaining monies will be due and payable with either cash or certified funds.  An appointment will be scheduled at the Real Property Tax Department to complete the transaction, record the deed, and file the New York State Transfer Forms.
Failure to pay the balance of the bid price will result in forfeiture of all deposits and payments made.

Auction conducted by Mel Manasse & Son Auctioneers, Whitney Point, NY.



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